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You may be a signature scent kind gal, or a wear what you feel type of guy. Either way, choosing a new scent can be daunting. With thousands of fragrances to choose from, and hundreds of different brands, where do you even start?

We’re here to make choosing easier, with five tips to help you find a perfume you’ll adore.

In packaged food, swerving sensitivities is pretty straightforward: itwill always state in the ingredients if common allergens (eg. nuts, fish and eggs) are present. But when it comes to fragrance, these kinds of warnings aren’t so cut and dry. Via the link in bio, we look the current legislation surrounding allergens and how to tell *exactly* what’s in a spritz.

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I am so super excited to share with you our brand new look as we usher in a new era for ONE SEED, and for natural perfumery.
There’s no universal or official definition for "clean" when it comes to beauty, so any brand can make this claim without the need for certification. This isn’t surprising given that the cosmetics industry is incredibly lax when it comes to labelling laws. But this lack of transparency is frustrating for consumers who unwittingly believe they are making an informed choice about what they’re choosing to use on their skin. 
Fragrance has an enormous impact on our health, so why aren’t brands more willing to disclose what goes into their formulas? Here, we talk about Trade Secret laws and why it’s so important consumers demand answers.

Despite environmental issues becoming increasingly more obvious, brands are talking the talk without walking the walk – especially when it comes to what we’re loading into our washing machine. Learn about the impact this is having on your health and the wellbeing of the world, and how to know which laundry products you should love or lose. 

Did you know that it can take seven days for your olfactory system to feel the full effects of using natural perfume? Put simply, it’s totally normal if you’re not completely converted at first sniff. 

We’ve listed some common fragrance faux pas to clear up any confusion when you commit to making the switch.

According to legislation, companies aren’t required to disclose anything they deem a Trade Secret or proprietary on the packaging. Meaning your favourite perfume brand may be highlighting harmless additions (like citrus oils) while conveniently glossing over any potentially toxic chemicals.
We talk to Liz Cook, One Seed founder, entrepreneur and mother about how her upbringing shaped her thinking about gender stereotypes, and why she hates the hashtag #girlboss.
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We've opted out of the Never List. Our philosphy is simple: 100% natural ingredients with Nothing to Hide. Why? Because we think what goes into the bottle is more important that what is left out

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We hear this statement a lot: "I don't need natural perfume - I just wear essential oils." In fact, in a recent survey we conducted, almost 15% of respondents told us that they though wearing natural perfume was the same as wearing essential oils.

So let's talk about it.

Take our quiz to find out which fragrance is yours! Just six questions to help you find your new favourite, or the perfect gift for someone special.
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