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Nothing to Hide.

It's pretty simple, really. We make honest natural perfume from plants, and we tell you exactly what's in it.  Our perfumes smell like real perfume because they are. Made from 100% natural ingredients with at least 80% organic content.

Just as it should be.

Discover why ONE SEED is Australia's favourite natural perfume brand.

100% natural

100% natural, 0% synthetic. No  compromise. Not ever.

Fully transparent

We list every single ingredient so you know exactly what's in the bottle.

Vegan & cruelty-free

We never use animal-derived ingredients, & are certified cruelty-free by CCF.


Our products win awards and hearts. Beauty Shortlist Winner 2018/19.


We live and breathe this stuff.

We don't just make natural perfume. We are fully committed to a sustainable, chemical-free lifestyle with a focus on natural health and wellbeing. This is not a bandwagon - this is the way we live.

Protecting your health & our world

We put health first, and are committed to doing no harm to humans, animals or environment.

We use only 100% natural botanical ingredients with nothing synthetic ever, working in harmony with nature, so you don't have to compromise your wellbeing, beauty or environment.

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