What is natural perfume? 

Natural perfume is made with 100% natural ingredients, and may be in either an oil or natural alcohol base. Natural perfume may or may not include animal extracts such as ambergris, beeswax, honey etc, but in modern day perfumery, natural perfume will not include extracts from animals that are derived by harming an animal. One Seed perfume are 100% natural in a natural ethanol (alcohol) base. We never use ambergris or any other animal extracts. 

For more about natural perfume, you can read our blog article.



Are your perfumes completely natural? 

Yes, our perfumes are 100% natural. We don't use anything synthetic in our perfumes, or in any other product in our range.

Are your perfumes organic?

All of our perfumes contain at least 80% organic content. (See each individual fragrance listing for the actual organic content in each product). The other 20% is made up of natural ingredients that may or may not be organic, depending on what is available to us at the time (and some of which are not available as organic ingredients) and purified water. At this stage we are not pursuing certification due to the cost of doing so, which would increase our retail price significantly.

Are your perfumes vegan?

Yes, all of our products are vegan. You can read more about vegan perfume on this blog post.

If it's natural, does that mean I won't have a reaction to your perfumes?

Natural ingredients can be potent and active so just like some people react to certain plants, some people may also react to natural perfumes. It’s not very common with our fragrances but it can happen. If you experience any itching or rash after application please stop using the product immediately. We are more than happy to swap your perfume for another in our collection if you have a reaction, so please email us so we can help you find a fragrance that works for you.

We always suggest a patch test before using any new product, whether it is natural or not, especially if you are more sensitive than average.

How long will One Seed perfumes last on my skin? 

That varies from person to person, and also depends on the scent. Generally, your ONE SEED scent will noticeable for approximately 4-5 hours. Keep in mind that the scent trail (sillage) and longevity of our perfumes is not as great as commercial perfumes as we do not use any synthetic enhancers or fillers. 

You can help your natural perfume last longer by following the tips in this blog post.

Roll-On Vs Eau de parfum - how do I choose?

ONE SEED perfumes come in both roll-on oil-based fragrance and eau de parfum spray.

So what's the difference?

Oil-based fragrances wear closer to the skin, so aren't as bold as alcohol-based perfumes, but they can last longer on the skin than a spray. Choose oil-based if you like your perfume to be more subtle but longer-lasting, or if you prefer a fragrance that is deeper in tone, rather than fresh.

Eau de parfum has more "lift" and will show up the lighter, fresher top notes than an oil-based fragrance. Choose eau de parfum is you prefer a fragrance that projects and is more noticeable to those around you, or if you love the smell of lighter fresher notes.

What is the shelf life of One Seed perfumes? 

Alcohol-based natural perfumes for the most part has an indefinite shelf life. However, some scents will disintegrate more quickly than others, we suggest a shelf life of 3 years. To keep your fragrance at its best, please store it away from sunlight and heat.  

For our oil-based roll-on perfumes, the shelf life is 12 months when stored correctly.

Can I use your products while pregnant? 

This is best discussed with your qualified natural health practitioner or midwife if you are concerned. We suggest you avoid any products that include jasmine, aromatic herbs, clary sage and others that are known to effect pregnancy. For more on this issue, please discuss with your naturopath or a qualified aromatherapist. 

Can I buy samples? 

Yes, you can buy a small sample of any of our fragrances for just $15 each, or full set of samples for just $49.

Do you make custom fragrances? 

We no longer create individual bespoke fragrances. However, we do work with corporate customers to design fragrances for salons, spas, skincare companies, as well as scent branding for many different types of businesses. Contact our perfumer, Liz Cook, for more info on this service.

I'm disappointed that you've discontinued my favourite fragrance! Can I still buy it?

Unfortunately we no longer offer this service.

Where can I find One Seed in my city/country? 

You can visit our stockists page to see where they are, but if you don't have one in your area, you can purchase directly from us here



Why do you use alcohol? Isn't that bad for my skin? 

Most commercial perfumes use harsh alcohols derived from petroleum or wheat, but the alcohol we use is a wine-grade natural grape ethanol, and is not toxic to your skin. Natural ethanol is not bad for your skin in small amounts, contrary to what you might have heard. Yes, alcohol will dry out your skin if you are using it in a large area for a prolonged period of time. However, the amount of alcohol that sits against your skin from a few sprays of perfume is minimal and will not cause dryness in most people. We prefer to use alcohol as opposed to oil as it gives our fragrances a 'lift' and better sillage than an oil based perfume. 

Do you use synthetic musk? 

Definitely not. The only musks we use are ambrette seed (from a type of hibiscus flower), as well as a combination of other essential oils and extracts (such as ylang ylang) that have a musky character to them. You can find our more about the problem with synthetic musks here.



I haven't received my order yet - can I track it?

Yes, all orders will have a tracking number attached. Your tracking number was emailed to you when your order was sent. Simply click on the tracking number, or copy and paste it in the relevant box at the applicable shipper's website:



Do you ship overseas? 

Yes we do! You'll find shipping info on each product in the store, or you can see all of the information on our Shipping & Delivery page. 

Can I have my parcel sent Express so I can get it faster? 

Yes, we now offer an express (overnight) service within metro areas for just $9.95 (or $14.95 if less than $70 order). Orders must be placed before 12 noon for delivery the next working day. This service is not available outside of the metro area. Alternatively, if you need to buy something in a hurry, you can visit one of our wonderful stockists.