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Our Story

Since 2009 we have been designing and making perfumes with care from our studio in Adelaide, South Australia. We believe that the natural world has given us the tools we need to create the best smelling perfumes possible, and we choose to celebrate this by working with materials that are pure, botanical and cruelty-free. Using all-natural ingredients with at least 80% organic content, they are gentle on both the skin and the environment - as they should be. 

Natural fragrance has the ability to create complex scent profiles that change in depth and character when in contact with skin. This means that when you wear a ONE SEED perfume, you are experiencing a version of that fragrance that is completely individual to you, and we think that’s pretty special.

From blends that are woody to floral, fresh to oriental, we’ve developed a range of nuanced fragrances that appeal to individual scent preferences. To help you discover your favourite scents, we’ve made a sample set of small atomisers with each of our signature blends for you to experiment with.

For individuals or brands who are interested in developing a scent that is wholly personal to them, we can also help you to create a signature fragrance. We offer a Scent Bar online, where you can choose several natural extracts from our perfume library and we blend it just for you. ONE SEED also provides custom fragrance consultations for your brand, and hosts a range of perfume workshops from our Adelaide studio and around Australia. We’d love to meet you.


“When you know better, you do better.” - Maya Angelou

Our business operates with transparency, honesty and conscious choice at the core of what we do. 

From seed to perfume, we are committed to creating fragrances that are beautiful, functional and true to our values. You can learn more about our  Nothing To Hide policy here. We are passionate about offering perfumes that celebrate nature and improve wellbeing, completely free from any harmful synthetic ingredients.

We’re also mindful of our social responsibility, and so One Seed donates 10% of profits to organisations such as Collective Shout.

We’re so proud to support our local economy by offering products that are made in Australia. We work closely with our suppliers to use ingredients and materials that are ethical and sustainable. Packaging for ONE SEED products is minimal, and all of it is recyclable or reusable.


Liz Cook launched One Seed in 2009 after first building and selling three natural skincare boutiques in South Australia. Liz has been a part of the natural and organic beauty world for over twenty years, formulating natural fragrances for her own brands, as well as for other skincare and wellness brands worldwide. Liz has a passion for organic living and wellness, and, aside from her work with ONE SEED, is also a functional nutritionist and speaker. Liz lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her two kids and three chooks.

Over recent years, many environmental chemicals have been shown to disrupt the actions of hormones and have been termed endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) or endocrine disruptors. Research is pointing to strong links between xenoestrogens (synthetic oestrogens), often now referred to as "obesogens", and weight gain.
There is a lot of assuming that goes on when people buy vegan products. But just because it's vegan, doesn't mean its healthy. Or safe. Or environmentally friendly. We give you the lowdown on what factors to consider when looking for safe and healthy vegan cosmetics and fragrance.

This year, we’re swapping unnecessary stuff for commitments - to ourselves and the planet - and making the magic of Christmas mindful again. We're pledging to prioritise presence over presents by spending more time with loved ones... and when it comes to gifting, we're committing to asking people what they really need, supporting local businesses, and investing in natural, ethically sourced presents where possible.

In the interest of keeping our commitment to you of 100% transparency, always, we want to help you choose a truly natural fragrance this Christmas - whether it’s for a loved one or for your own wish list. To help you look for the right information and ask the right questions, here's our simple guide on how to identify a 100% natural fragrance for your home or body, and not fall into the “clean” trap.


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