Whilst synthetic fragrances can smell amazing, it’s what you don’t know that might be causing you harm.


Learn more about thedifference between natural & synthetic scent here, and why choosing natural could make a huge difference to your health and your world.

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About Us

We've been making natural perfume since 2009. The kind that smells good and does good too. It’s perfume you’ll want to talk about for all the right reasons.
Nothing hiding behind the label. No chemicals or nasties. Just beautiful
nurturing products made with 100% pure botanical ingredients.
We’re not big on bandwagons. Or jumping on trends. We live and breathe this stuff.

We’re here to inspire, educate and plant the seeds of change. To help you create a more conscious way of life without compromising your health in the name of beauty.

100% natural with nothing to hide. It’s our commitment. Our passion. Our promise to you and the planet.



From seed to perfume, we are committed to creating fragrances that are beautiful, functional and take care of your health and our planet.

Using all-natural ingredients with at least 80% organic content, our perfumes are gentle on both the skin and the environment - as they should be. 

We are passionate about offering perfumes that celebrate nature and improve wellbeing, completely free from any harmful synthetic ingredients.

And we do all this while going against the tide, and industry norms, being fully transparent with everything we put in the bottle. We call it  Nothing To Hide



We are mindful of our social responsibility and ability to influence
change. One Seed donates 10% of profits to organisations such as Collective Shout, as well as other local community projects close to our heart.

We’re so proud to support our local economy by offering products that
are made entirely in Australia. We work closely with our suppliers to
use ingredients and materials that are ethical and sustainable, choosing
organic wherever possible.

The packaging for ONE SEED products is created with the environment in mind, and all of it is recyclable or reusable, and made with recycled or FSC-certified materials wherever possible.



Liz Cook launched One Seed in 2009 after first building and selling three natural skincare boutiques in South Australia.

Liz has been a part of the natural and organic beauty world for over twenty years, formulating natural fragrances for her own brands, as well as for other skincare and wellness brands worldwide.

Liz has a passion for organic living and wellness, and, aside from her work with ONE SEED, is also a practicing clinical nutritionist and speaker.

Liz lives in the beachside suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, with her two kids and one ageing little shaggy dog.