About Us

Smell amazing. Be well. Do good.

ONE SEED is original organic perfumery created in a way that honours the process of perfumery, the beauty of nature and our connectedness to nature and each other.

We have been creating beautiful natural fragrances since 2009, using wholly natural ingredients with at least 80% organic content. 
Our full product range is also vegan and cruelty free.
We are passionate about creating completely natural products without compromising on beauty or quality, while still making them accessible and not elitist.
Every product is designed, formulated and crafted in our South Australian studio.


Like the chapters of a book, our fragrances unfold slowly on the skin revealing layers of “the story” over several hours. Each fragrance is unique and will reveal itself uniquely on your skin.
Using the most decadent natural extracts available is a big part of One Seed’s perfume philosophy. We believe in creating products that not only smell amazing, but have a depth and complexity of aroma that is simply not found in the majority of popular fragrances. 



believe. We don’t want to be just another perfume company. We want to be a seed for change. We believe that the perfect beauty of nature need not be corrupted by synthetic interference. And that beauty is defined by knowing who you are, and being able to see beauty around you.

create. We believe in the power of creative thinking and creative approaches to transform our world. We believe in creating products that are beautiful, functional and true to our core values.

Our fragrances are always:

  • 100%natural, nothing synthetic
  • include a minimum of 80% organic ingredients
  • vegan and cruelty-free (certified)
  • use recyclable and sustainable packaging and printing
  • Australian made and owned

contribute. By loving our perfumes, you are also helping disempowered people throughout the world. One Seed donates at least 10% of profits to organisations close to our heart, including Collective Shout.