Having a bespoke scent created just for you is a luxury many of us dream of but few ever get the chance to experience.
ONE SEED has created Scent Bar to bring this luxurious experience to everyone who loves beautiful, unique fragrances. Scent Bar allows you to customise your fragrance to your scent preferences, all for little more than the cost of our ready-to-wear organic collection.
Chose from around forty different natural extracts and our perfumer will craft them into your very own bespoke scent! And there is no wait time as our Scent Bar notes are pre-tinctured and aged, ready to blend.
If you're not sure where to start, here are our tips for creating something beautiful and unique:
  • If you're not sure, start with a small sample bottle (3ml) to make sure you love the scent, then you can upgrade to a full-sized 30ml bottle for your next round ($95), or you can choose an entirely different blend to keep things interesting!
  • To create a scent that is not too challenging on the senses, go for 1-2 top, 1-2 middle and 1-2 base note, and choose notes that are similar in character or you might find together in your favourite food, dessert or wine. For example, a blood orange top note, paired with a pear heart note and vanilla base notes make a lovely sweet and juicy fragrance. A coriander top note, bay middle note and woods base note is fresh, woody and a little spicy.
  • Take inspiration from a favourite perfume or body cream, and choose notes that are similar to what you already love in other products
  • If you are more adventurous, use the art of juxtaposition to create an intriguing blend. For example, a coriander top note (fresh and woody, paired with a rose heart note (sweet and floral) and a tobacco base note (smoky and sweet) and maybe a little twist of spice.

There is very little that can go wrong with your Scent Bar blend, so get adventurous and don't be scared!

Below is a list of the natural extract available in our Scent Bar, and the basic character of each one:

Blood orange-  fresh and juicy citrus. Pairs well with everything.
May chang (litsea) - fresh, juicy and aromatic. Like lemongrass but softer.
Spice accord - sweet and softly spiced, slightly woody. Pairs best with floral notes.
Petitgrain trio - sharp, woody with citrus undertones. Great with woods and tobacco.
Green mandarin - sweet and juicy, with slight floral undertones. Great with woods or florals.
Coriander - fresh, green and uplifting. Pairs well with everything.
Bergamot - a fresh floral citrus. Very uplifting. Pairs well with everything.
Bitter Almond - cherry blossom/marzipan notes. Beautiful with fruity or light floral notes.
Black pepper - woody and warm. Blends especially well with sweet notes.
Pine - fresh and woody. Great for a cologne scent.
Raspberry - very delicate. gives a slight fruity jam-like back-note. Blends especially well with florals and woods. (Note: this is an accent note, and not strong enough to create a raspberry-themed scent).
Jasmine - a sweet, heady floral. Blends well with everything.
Rose - soft powdery floral. Makes everything smell better!
Peach - juicy and fruity. Great with woods, green notes or vanilla.
Lavender - clean, green, fresh floral. Blends best with tobacco, citrus, woods and vanilla.
Pineapple - made from natural isolates. Juicy and sweet, just like fresh pineapple
Ylang Ylang - soft and musky oriental floral. Pairs with everything.
Herb accord - fresh and herbal. Blends with everything.
Juniperberry - green, grassy and slightly spicy. Best with woods and citrus and beautiful with rose.
Cypress - fresh and woody. Blends with everything.
Geranium - soft yet full-bodied, floral with green leafy accents. 
Bay leaf - spicy and sweet. Pairs well with citrus and woods.
Ginger - warm and spicy. Beautiful paired with anything especially vanilla, woods, citrus and rose.
Pink peppercorn - sharp and peppery with slight floral notes. Pairs well with everything.
Rosewood - rare and exotic. A beautiful, powdery soft wood note with a rosey scent.
Coconut - rich, sweet, true coconut aroma.
White sage - cool, green and herbal with musk undertones
Orange blossom - delicate rounded orange blossom aroma
Sweet fir balsam - caramelised burnt sugar scent with green overtones. One of our favourites! Pairs well with everything in small doses.
Tobacco - smoky, earthy and sweet. Adds intrigue to any other notes when used in small doses.
Cotton candy accord -  made from natural isolates. Soft and playful, and long-lasting.
Musk accord - smooth and deep and just slightly sweet.
Vanilla  - sweet and uplifting. More woody and less candy-like. Blends well with everything.
Sandalwood Australian - soft and understated. Softens and supports every other notes.
Cedarwood Virginia - clean and dry with a familiar "pencil-shavings" tone.
Vetiver - smoky, woody, earthy and damp. Blends well with woods, citrus and florals.
Violet  - crushed violet leaves. Green floral. Great with florals and woods. Also, a beautiful opposite to vanilla.
Patchouli - smoky and earthy. Blends well with everything.
Amber - sweet and earthy. Blends well with everything.
Labdanum - green, sweet and earthy. Blends well with everything.
Oakmoss - the scent of a forest floor. Adds depth and intrigue to any perfume.  
Guaicwood - creamy and lightly smoky. An excellent fixative for any perfume.
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