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68 reviews

Scent Bar Bespoke Fragrance

Please choose 1 option
Please choose 1 option
  • Custom-made fragrance (eau de toilette)

    Design your own organic signature scent! Simply select four to eight extracts of your choice, and we will blend them into your very own custom perfume. (Don't worry - most of these notes will blend beautifully together. And we will let you know if your blend needs some tweaking!) Need more help? Read our how-to guide for Scent Bar here. It includes more details on all of the fragrance notes too!

  • Ingredients: organic sugar cane ethanol (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural fragrance (natural and organic plant extracts), purified water (aqua), vegetable (non-palm) glycerine. Note: as each Scent Bar fragrance is customised, we cannot list the actual fragrance ingredients here).

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Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 68 Reviews
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    Sharlene M.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros A beautiful, balanced fragrance. No chemical undertones. Light. Fresh. Beautiful!
    • Cons None

    Beautiful bespoke fragrance

    I recently purchased a bespoke fragrance and am so happy! I chose the top/Middle/base notes from One Seed's 'Scent Bar' based on what I have liked in store bought perfumes in the past, and One Seed made me a one-of-a-kind personal fragrance based on my choices, and my notes on how I wanted the perfume to smell. I am amazed! The scent they made me is so balanced and beautiful, and it has none of the 'chemical' undertone that always bothers me with regular perfumes. It is just so lovely, and it's wonderful to know that this particular fragrance is unique to me. I really feel that choosing a perfume that is all your own is a beautiful thing to do, and the 2ml trial size means you can order a few different blends and see what you like. But for me, the first one they made me was absolutely perfect. Thanks so much!

    Australia Australia
    • Pros custom scent, can play around with sample sizes before ordering a full size.
    • Cons none

    One seed... you are amazing!

    I ordered a sample size of a custom perfume back in 2017. I was OBSESSED with the scent but lost the written card with the notes they used, and at the time, didn't realise I could find my exact order info (all the perfume notes I chose) within the order email itself, so I didn't re-order and thought it would be a one-hit wonder perfume for me. I sparsely used the sample to stretch it out as long as possible because I thought I'd never be able to recreate it again. I was craving that scent again and thought I'd check the order email one last time to see whether or not I could retrieve all the details of the perfume, and I found it!! I was stoked! I placed my order for the full size, with fingers crossed, bated breath. It came today and it smells exactly the same!!! THANK YOU ONE SEED! I am so unbelievably happy I get to enjoy my scent again. It's definitely my signature, my favourite scent ever, and its uniquely mine as well. Amazing. Could not sing any higher praises.

    cindy c.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Beautiful, indulgent, natural
    • Cons None!


    I love my bespoke perfume, but still waiting for all of the elements to blend and mature. I’m also enjoying layering it with another one seed fragrance for another unique result.

    Bianka C.
    Australia Australia

    Creating bespoke perfume

    By FAR the best smell my husband has ever worn. And I designed it for him! It was such an intimate gift. And I love how it came out exactly how I planned; in fact, even better than I expected. Highly recommend!

    Laura O.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Unique
    • Cons N/A

    Such a Unique Thoughtful Gift!

    Super fast delivery! Such a beautiful, unique gift. Really excited to gift to my friend. Would be awesome if there was a sample with the order to smell before giving as not to ruin the beautiful gift wrapping.

    Melinda B.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros You get a scent you love
    • Cons none

    Lovely scent, good customer service

    One Seed were extremely good at matching my request. Only other I could suggest is what other scents the customer enjoys, which I've seen on other sites. Thanks, One Seed! <3

    Valerie R.
    Australia Australia


    This is such a great idea. I purchased samples of existing fragrances to test plus one from the Scent Bar which I love. Like the fact that it was tweaked a bit by an expert.

    A One Seed Customer
    WhiteFeather H.
    Canada Canada
    • Pros Spicy is always nice
    • Cons The packaging was excessive

    a bit overwhelmed by clove

    The scent was nice but clove is such a strong player that it completely overwhelmed all the other notes I selected.

    Carol D.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Individual and unique, Good customer service and advice.
    • Cons Not very long-lasting.

    Custom fragrance

    I enjoyed the process of choosing which scents to include. The customer service is great. Special thanks to Paula for her advice and tweaking of my list to ensure all of the notes complemented each other. The end result is a beautiful fragrance that I enjoy wearing. The only negative is that it's not very long lasting. It would be lovely if the gorgeous base notes had more time on the skin before fading out. Overall, though, very happy with the product.

    Lauren P.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros my own unique scent
    • Cons sometimes it's hard to know how it will turn out

    I love it

    Beautiful fragrance, wonderful experience. Thank you.

    Alannah G.
    • Pros Affordable and such high quality
    • Cons None!


    Really high quality perfume. The full scent doesn’t last quite as long as non-natural perfumes but that’s to be expected and has been my experience but this is by far the best natural perfume I’ve tried. I love that I’m able to design the perfume I want. I can happily say I’m a One Seeder for life.

    Alison M.
    • Pros You can choose an exact scent that you like. Thankyou
    • Cons None


    The scent is exactly as I imagined it! Thankyou. I can't wait to order it again, and have saved the card!

    Augusta M.
    • Pros Everything!
    • Cons None at all - but would love an option to purchase Scent Bar roll-ons in future.


    The Scent Bar is a wonderful option - I'm thrilled with my original fragrance (onto the second full size bottle already with no plans to change). Thank you One Seed :)

    • Pros Right fragrance
    • Cons None

    Very lovely Perfume

    Took a couple of attempts to get my custom-made perfume right. I am now satisfied with the latest fragrance. I am one happy customer. Natural perfume if my choice and speedy delivery. I have got no issues.

    Renee O.
    • Pros Excellent service, beautiful ingredients, your own unique scent
    • Cons If you haven’t been to a workshop, it’s hard to choose ingredients from written descriptions

    Love having my personalised perfume

    Ultra fast production and shipping, ordered, made, shipped and received within the same week and I’m not metro. At first I wasn’t sure about the scent from the bottle however when it sits on my skin- I can smell the ingredients I asked for. Really great idea.

    • Pros The mixture of middle, end and extra notes create a spicy and warm smell.
    • Cons The middle note should be the dominant smell. But the top is strong and long-lasting, it covers the middle.

    Unexpected but somehow still satisfying

    Pine needle, ylang ylang, cedarwood, pepperwood, sandalwood Honestly, these were some random choices, and pine needle is the only smell I know before. I asked to create a sense of quietness and warmth, but pine needle is so dazzling and I smell hilarious in a good way (like a walking pinetree). Although my other notes are not so strong, they are warm and soothing. I bought an Elisabeth Arden Green Tea+Bamboo a few months ago, it's more fruitish than this scent bar nut both of them end up with a similar wooden smell.

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