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Scent Bar Bespoke Fragrance

Please choose 1 option
Please choose 1 option
  • Custom-made fragrance (eau de toilette)

    Note: if you have been given a Scent Bar gift card up to 5/1/21, please email us for a special code to complete your order at the original price as the price has since increased.

    Design your own organic signature scent! Simply select four to eight extracts of your choice, and we will blend them into your very own custom perfume. (Don't worry - most of these notes will blend beautifully together. And we will let you know if your blend needs some tweaking!) Need more help? Read our how-to guide for Scent Bar here. It includes more details on all of the fragrance notes too!

  • Ingredients: organic sugar cane ethanol (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural fragrance (natural and organic plant extracts), purified water (aqua), vegetable (non-palm) glycerine. Note: as each Scent Bar fragrance is customised, we cannot list the actual fragrance ingredients here).

  • AU: $4.95 shipping for orders over $40.

    USA/CANADA/UK/NZ: $4.95 shipping for orders over $220.

    For other international shipping rates, please click here.

Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 95 Reviews
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Perri H.
Australia Australia
  • Pros Great natural fragrance with no nasties that smells fantastic
  • Cons Scent doesn’t last as long as I would like it to
Perfect Perfume!

The bespoke phone consolation was great and helped me understand more about what scents I could use to get the smell I was looking for. The perfume I received was just perfect and exactly what I was looking for.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Pros Love the fresh smelling ingredients, lasts hours, beautiful bottle
  • Cons Not what I had hoped for
Excellent perfume quality

Really pleased with the speedy international delivery, the packaging is great and the bottle is beautiful. The quality of the scent ingredients is perfect and I would definitely recommend One Seed perfumes. Unfortunately the bespoke perfume is not quite what I had in mind, i did say to allow tweaks and then forgot to provide my contact details so I guess I had this coming, but scents patchouli and frankincense were added- both strong scents which I really dislike, they may have been small quantities but to my nose they are the strongest ingredients and the patchouli survives all other notes.. I guess I didn’t anticipate those ingredients would be added they’re very heavy 70s and mature sort of perfume... unfortunately I’ll have to give this away to someone who loves patchouli... :’( for patchouli lovers this is perfect as it is very good quality and rich patchouli. Would recommend ordering testers first

Joni H.
United States United States
  • Pros Clean ingredients
  • Cons Shipping is expensive to USA but quick
Custom scent

Beautiful scent. This is my third time purchasing from one seed and I would definitely buy again.

Brooke G.
Australia Australia
  • Pros Matched what I was after
  • Cons Nothing
Scent bar

Amazing! You nailed my scent to perfection!

Mary M.
United States United States
  • Pros A great fragrance without 3 chemical sunscreens (I kid you not) in it.
  • Cons You have to plan ahead if you do not live locally.
A Bespoke men's fragrance so good, I bought two.

I wanted to give a natural, no-chemical version of a men's fragrance to a family member who likes skin scents. Matched up the fragrance notes listed on the fragrance web site to the fragrance notes in the Bespoke list and I typed in those notes. My first try resulted in a very nice, simple woodsy fragrance but a couple notes were missing because they are not on the Bespoke list. I looked up those two notes online and, with One Seed's approval, was able to select appropriate substitutes from the BeSpoke list. The second sample arrived and, oh my, it exceeded my expectations. A real man's fragrance. Try number one was good for a teenager. Try number two is good for a gentleman to wear in the office, or out to dinner. Bought this gentleman's cologne to give away and had to have one for myself, as well. I enjoy putting the effort into learning about my personal fragrances. If this sounds like too much work for you, you will still get a nice EdP just picking few of your favorite smells from the list.

natural organic perfume clean fragrance beauty australia

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