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I am so super excited to share with you our brand new look as we usher in a new era for ONE SEED, and for natural perfumery.

In the past eleven years since ONE SEED was launched, we’ve experienced many times of growth, change and transformation, and each of them has lead us closer to becoming who we were born to be. And now we are right on the precipice of a new and exciting era or growth and influence. Let me tell you about it...

When I launched ONE SEED in 2009, we were the only natural perfume brand in Australia, and one of only a handful worldwide. Back then, nobody really understood natural perfume, or paid much attention to what was in their perfume bottle. My initial goal was to be a brand for savvy consumers looking for natural perfume, and I knew that was a small niche. I was happy for ONE SEED to be hard to find. But three years ago, I realised that it was more important for us to have an impact in the fragrance and cosmetics world at large, and an influence on the mainstream consumer. I wanted ONE SEED to have a wider sphere of influence, and I was prepared to have a louder and clearer voice, both as a brand, as as a founder. I decided to put my brand and my business on the line and stand more strongly for what I believe in. I realised what was needed in the perfume world was a beautiful, viable alternative to their favourite mainstream brands, and open, honest education about fragrance ingredients and their impact on health and environment.

And now to 2020. We are standing at the doorway of our new future, ready to launch into the mainstream world with a bang.

I’m so proud to show you what we have become, with our brand new packaging and products, which we know you’ll love. 

Our priorities with packaging are aesthetics and design, minimal environmental impact, and utilising materials that are not found in your average perfume or cosmetics brand. Packaging is important - both to help you connect wth the brand as a consumer, and as the first voice of our brand, so it needs to be beautiful, easy to use, and in line with our deeper and overarching values.

one seed packaging

one seed packaging


Our heart is the same, and our passion is the same  - we want to shine a light of transparency into the fragrance world, and bring you product you will adore, that won't require you to compromise, and will help you reconnect with yourself and the world around you.

Step into the next chapter with us. We’re so glad you're here.

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