How We Build a Fragrance

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Ever wanted to peer behind the curtain and see what goes on onside a perfume lab? Here’s your chance!

We’re giving you exclusive access into our processes and practices so you can understand how your favourite ONE SEED perfumes are made, and exactly what goes into each and every bottle.


Once a brief for a new scent is created and fleshed out, the natural ingredients we think we will use are selected from our palette of around 400 natural ingredients. Initially, we select around 20-40 ingredients for possible inclusion.

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Trials begin, where we assess each ingredient in combination with numerous others. We are looking for how each ingredient fits the brief, and how they interact with one another. It can take anywhere from ten to fifty trials to get the formula right.

PERFUME FACTS...  A fragrance is built around materials of different volatilities, which we classify as top notes (very volatile and fleeting) middle or heart notes, and base notes (the longest lasting).


Once we have found the winning formula we allow the trial bottle to age for a month to see how the ingredients react with one another. Then, the aromatic ingredients are combined neat (undiluted) and left to age for two weeks. 


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The ageing process is two to four weeks for the aromatic concentrate, plus another four to eight weeks for the blend to be saturated in organic alcohol. During this time the natural chemicals draw closer together, and combine in beautiful ways  - some predictable, and some surprising! The alcohol is saturated with fragrance as the formula ages, exposing the beauty and complexity of each ingredient and pulling together thousands of combinations of natural chemicals. Completely magical (and scientific!)


To finish, the new perfume is then filtered and bottled, polished, labelled and boxed up, and ready to be shipped to you!

DID YOU KNOW…Every single ONE SEED product is made entirely in-house. From trials to blending, ageing, bottling and shipping - we handle your favourite products every step of the way.
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