Scent Bar Bespoke Fragrance

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Custom-made fragrance (eau de toilette)

Design your own organic signature scent! Simply select five to ten natural extracts from the list, and we will blend them into your very own custom perfume. (Don't worry - we will let you know if your blend needs some tweaking!)

Need more help? Download our how-to guide for Scent Bar here. It includes more details on all of the fragrance notes, and suggestions for how to start the creation process.

Please note: there are no refunds or exchanges on custom made products. If you are unsure, please select the 'sample' option first, and have 1-3 trials made of your scent so you know you will love it.

Organic sugar cane ethanol (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural fragrance (customised blend of natural and organic plant extracts), purified water (aqua), vegetable (non-palm) glycerine.

Note: as each Scent Bar fragrance is customised, we cannot list the actual fragrance ingredients here).

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USA/CANADA/NZ: from $14.95

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Wellness benefits

❀ Mood-boosting
☺︎ Hormone-friendly

What our customers are saying...


This is not aromatherapy; this is real perfume. Made from 100% natural plant-derived ingredients with technical perfumery know-how, and a palette of over 400 natural ingredients. Now you don't have to compromise your health for the luxurious perfume you love to wear.



We developed Nothing to Hide™ as a standard by which all of our products are created. It is your guarantee that all of our products:

  • Are fully transparent, listing every single ingredient used
  • Are 100% free from synthetics and harmful ingredients
  • Contain only 100% natural, plant-derived ingredients
  • What you see on our label is 100% of what’s inside the bottle.

We have nothing to hide. And we don’t think you should expect anything less.

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