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Scent Bar Fragrance

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  • Choose from 3ml or 30ml sizes

    Custom-made fragrance (eau de toilette)

    Design your own organic signature scent. Simply select up to five extracts of your choice, and we will blend them into your very own custom perfume. For best results, choose a top, middle and base note. (Don't worry - most of these notes will blend beautifully together. And we'll let you know if your blend needs some tweaking!) Need more help? We have created a how-to guide for Scent Bar here. It includes more details on all of the fragrance notes too! Available in 3ml trial size and 30ml full sized bottles. 


    Ingredients: organic grape ethanol (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural fragrance (natural and organic plant extracts), purified water (aqua). Note: as each Scent Bar fragrance is customised, we cannot list the actual fragrance ingredients here).

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  • 100% natural perfume. Min 80% organic content. Made in Australia.
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