What does your skin smell like without perfume?

Posted by Liz Cook on

What do you smell like? I mean, without perfume or soap or body lotion - what does your actual skin smell like?

Fact is, you'll never know- we don't recognise our own scent because of olfactory adaption (or noseblindness). But those who know you well will recognise your smell. (Case in point, you slept with your boyfriend's favourite t-shirt when you were 18, just so you could smell him 💗). 

Our sense of smell is designed to detect threats of danger or potential mates, so, where there is no danger or handsome stranger approaching, we don't detect the smells we live with every day.

​So, on to the question at hand - what do you smell like? 

Each of us has a smell that is entirely and uniquely our own - almost like an olfactory fingerprint. How your skin smells naturally is influenced by several factors: your diet, your hormones and neurotransmitters, medications you take, your lifestyle habits (smoking, drinking etc), you ability to detoxify, and your skin's microbiome. 

​Want to improve the way you smell? Don't just load yourself up with perfume. Improve your diet and gut health, and get your sweat on regularly. By taking care of your body on the inside, the outside is naturally happier too, and that will be reflected in many ways, including happier smelling skin.

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