The One Seed Story: Celebrating 15 Years

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It's our 15th birthday! It's hard to believe! Fifteen years is a millennium in any business, and we are so grateful to still be standing, and leading the industry all this time later.

Here's where it all started...

In 2009, ONE SEED founder, Liz Cook, launched the brand from her kitchen bench as the first natural perfume company in Australia, and one of only three in the world at that time. Liz had been working on the perfume collection for 18 months, after selling her previous business, a small chain of natural skincare stores in Adelaide. The idea for ONE SEED was birthed from that place, where customers would come to have their skincare and haircare personalised for them on-the-spot using all natural ingredients.

Liz developed a reputation for personalised service, attention to detail, and well thought-through blends during the seven years in that business, and after the first few years, customers began requesting natural dupes for their favourite commercial scents.

"Perfume was not something I had a huge interest in at this stage in my life, and , while I had been blending using aromatherapy principles for over a decade, I really know nothing about the finer art of perfumery at that stage."

Liz Cook, ONE SEED founder

Liz began exploring how perfume was constructed, dabbling with customer requests, and then developing a small collection of essential oil perfumes in her stores.

When she sold that business in late 2007, she released everything aide from the perfume formulas she had been working on, and spent the next 18 months researching, learning, trialing and experimenting, and in May 2009 ONE SEED was born.

We started with three perfumes in our collection: Freedom, Hope and Courage (all three are still in the ONE SEED collection, and Freedom is still the same formula as it was fifteen years ago).

Fast-forward fifteen years, and ONE SEED is now the most awarded natural perfume company in Australia (with 23 awards in the past 5 years alone), and still one of only a handful of companies worldwide that uses 100% natural ingredients.

ONE SEED has been known as something of a pioneer in the fragrance industry, pushing the boundaries, educating consumers, calling for transparency in the industry, and melding the worlds of wellness and perfume.

We continue to operate with passion, transparency and a bold vision as we look forward to the future of natural fragrance.  

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