A Whole Body & Soul Approach to Aging Well

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An expert from our interview with Theme Rain, founder of Synthesis Organics. You can listen to the entire podcast interview on Spotify here.

Theme Rains, our founder and formulator of Synthesis Organics, brings her wealth of knowledge and values as she joins Liz Cook, founder of ONE SEED and host of the On.Conscious podcast. An insightful discussion about ageing well. With her passion for healing arts and dedication to holistic wellness, Theme offers invaluable insights into our journey, philosophy, and commitment to sustainable skin care.


Liz Cook: Let's talk about your brand philosophy, which is so beautiful and very, very clear to me that Synthesis is not just a brand of beautiful skincare and even just hearing you speak, but there's really a deeper essence...

Theme Rains: Synthesis came out of my journey through the healing arts and my commitment to the healing arts. And so it really started as products I was making for fellow therapists. And so it spread through a network of therapists, not just in Australia, but around the world, because I wanted to create products that would elevate the treatments that they were offering. And this was way back when organic was just we had some of the first certified organic products in Australia, but again, unknown. We just did it because we wanted everyone to have peace of mind about what we were using and doing. So it spread through this network of therapists.

Theme Rains: And so I changed everything, including my name, to follow my heart rather than following my head or my intellect. And as I followed my heart, which was part of that was a desire to be part of making a difference to the problems that I saw in the world. But at the time I recognized the best way to make a difference to the problems in the world was to actually take responsibility. First of all for my own problems or self or healing. And if I could do that, that would affect everyone and everything around me in a positive way. 

Theme Rains mentioned the impact of the seemingly small choices and actions on the world around us. Like the butterfly effect, these decisions can have a significant ripple effect, creating a chain reaction that extends far beyond what we initially perceive.

Every choice we make, every action we take, is interconnected with the world and the people around us. It's easy to underestimate the power of these seemingly trivial decisions, but in reality, they can have a profound impact on our lives and the lives of others.

When we recognize the interconnectedness of our actions, we begin to see the potential for positive change. By making conscious choices and taking intentional actions, we can set off a ripple effect that spreads far and wide, creating a wave of transformation in our own lives and in the world.

It may feel overwhelming at times, but remember that change starts from within. By focusing on ourselves and the impact we can have, we can begin to make a difference in the world around us

From the products we use on our skin to the food we eat, every decision we make has the power to make a difference. It's a big responsibility, but also incredibly liberating to know that we have the power to create positive change.

By being mindful of the products we purchase and consume, opting for organic, cruelty-free skincare products and choose locally sourced, organic foods whenever possible, we create small changes that can have a big impact on the environment and our health.

When we show up as our best selves for our friends, family, and colleagues, we are spreading positivity and kindness. Our actions can inspire others to make more conscious choices in their own lives, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

And so in recent years has that changed? "That's still very much there for me. And certainly recent years have forced the practice of everything that I've learned and been exposed to. Because it's one thing to receive wisdom and read it and learn and all of that. It's another thing to actually be able to live it under all conditions and things get really tough" said Theme. 


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