Who is ONE SEED?

We aren't your average perfume company.

We design, manufacture and package everything in-house.

We source our own ingredients, create our own when necessary (roasted basmati rice, anyone?), and put everything to the test. We select only the finest materials that meet our criteria for aroma, purity, ethics and quality. We choose organic ingredients whenever possible, and we don't allow cost to be the determining factor.

We don't believe in animal testing - why put a bunny through something a human would never volunteer for (like perfume in the eyes or on wounds) - and we never include animal ingredients to achieve results.

We put everything to the ultimate test - trying our products out on ourselves first, then on small groups of volunteers, before sending them out to the great wide world.

We are inspired by everyday life, by hidden and apparent beauty, by words, by songs, by voices, by triumph, testimony, colour, vacation, open fires, tears of sadness, teas or joy, by human experience.

We don't believe fragrance is about seduction but about connection. We aim to point to the beauty all around us and our connection to it.

We will never use sex to convince you to buy our products.

We want to inspire and delight you, to make you feel happy, to encourage you to find good in yourself and in others.



1 Kyle Place Port Adelaide SA 5015 Australia (look for the grapevines)

Monday to Thursday 9am-2pm