What to expect when you make the switch

Making the switch to natural perfume is a positive step toward better health and a cleaner world.

Some people have even told us it's life-changing.

Congratulations on taking the first step in this journey.


Natural perfume is a different experience that synthetic perfume - in a similar way that a bag of roast chicken-flavoured potato chips is not the same thing as savouring a real oven-roasted chicken with rosemary-infused organic potatoes!

Natural perfume is beautiful, complex and nuanced - just like nature.

Natural perfume wears differently on each person, and will respond uniquely to your individual body chemistry. That means that from the same perfume, one person's skin will highlight more woody tones, while another may highlight more floral tones.

Natural perfume tells an unfolding story on your skin over several hours; a story that is as unique to your skin as is your life story.

Natural perfume is gentle on your body, and will interact with your own hormones and neurotransmitters, helping you connect with your emotions, and soothe your mind and your soul.

Natural perfume takes care of your health. If you are one of the 33% of people who experience obvious side-effects from synthetic scent, you will find natural perfume to be life-changing. For most people, truly natural fragrance will not give you headaches, nausea, brain fog or anxiety. It will not interfere with your hormones and will not contribute to the many health conditions caused or exacerbated by synthetic scent.



Your natural perfume won't last as long on the skin as your favourite synthetics. Typically, our perfumes will last 4-8 hours, depending on the fragrance you choose, your body chemistry and your activity level.

Don't expect an exact swap. You will never find a natural perfume that mimics the aroma of synthetic scents (back to the roast chicken example!).

If you've never experienced truly natural perfume before, your mind may explode into a kaleidoscope of colours you've never seen (or smelt) before.

Give yourself time - take at least a day to test each scent on its own, and expect it may take up to 10 days for your olfactory system to really understand and appreciate the natural fragrance experience.

We believe the body (more specifically your olfactory system) needs to go through a short healing and detoxifying process when you stop using synthetic scent and make the switch to natural. It is likely that your body has been in a protective inflammatory state since you started using synthetic fragrance, and it takes some time for inflammation to calm down and your body to know its environment is safe and healing.

Your body knows what to do - it recognises biology and will love you for bringing it back to nature, just as it was designed.

Welcome to your new world.






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