Ingredients are what sets us apart from the rest of the fragrance industry.

ONE SEED was founded on the principal of creating beautiful fragrances without synthetic interference, and we hold to that without compromise.

100% natural

We use ingredients that are entirely plant-based, 100% natural, with no synthetic enhancement. Why would we use a fragrance created in a lab when the natural world is so full of beauty and complexity?

Minimum 80% organic

We are committed to making our products with at least 80% organic content, and will choose organic ingredients first where the quality and complexity of the aroma meets our standard for quality. Sometimes it is not possible to source organic ingredients for perfumery as not all plants or plant extracts are grown organically, supply may be low on some ingredients, or the quality of a particular extract, although organic, may not meet our high standard.

Vegan & cruelty free

We are committed to using only plant-based ingredients, and we will never use ingredients that are animal-derived. Unfortunately even in the natural perfume world there are still companies that use ingredients such as civet and amergris. While these ingredients can be beautiful we don't believe their purpose is perfume, and we do not condone the cruel practices that can be employed to derive these ingredients.

Of course, we do not condone, employ, nor practice testing on animals, and we are certified cruelty free by CCF.

Some of our favourites

Some of our star ingredients that seem to find their way into several of our fragrances include:

Vanilla CO2 -

Magnolia flower -

Jasmine -

Labdanum -

Mimosa -