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Men's Cologne Discovery Set

  • 4x 2ml (0.67 fl oz) samples of our cologne collection, presented in a beautiful gift box. A great way to explore ONE SEED organic colognes and find a fragrance you'll love to wear.

    Rain - earthy aquatic floral

    Solitude - peppered balsamic woods

    Slow Fire - caramelised orange & woods

    Field - clean & green

  • Ingredients: organic sugar cane ethanol (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural fragrance (including organic and natural extracts), purified water (aqua). For full ingredient list please refer to individual full-sized product listing.

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Customer Reviews
4.7 Based on 19 Reviews
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    Jesse T.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Loved the box and that the samples had an atomiser
    • Cons None.

    Good sample set!

    The Sample set was the perfect way to find out what scents suited me. There are definitely a couple winners and I look forward to receiving the full size to continue the beautiful scent.

    Australia Australia
    • Pros Natural, organic, fresh, earthy
    • Cons Doesn't last quite as long as synthetic cologne

    Fresh and natural cologne

    Really like the fresh and natural.scent of the men's cologne, and the discovery set was a great way to pick a cologne... problem is, I like all of them. Feels good to not have nasty chemicals on my skin as well.

    Laura G.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Good way to sample what works with your personal chemistry
    • Cons Bit pricey

    Best Way to Test

    Fav (like on application and dry down)- Slow Fire & Solitude Ok (like on dry down) - Rain Not for me (not like on application or dry down) - Field Stand out notes to my nose: Slow Fire (warm/deep) - Mandarine/orange, cedarwood and vanilla. Solitude (warm/deep) - Dry woods, pepper, vanilla Rain (cool/bright)- Sandalwood, labdanum, aquatic rose Field (cool/bright)- Soil, fresh grass, patchouli

    Australia Australia
    • Cons Slow Fire a little short-lived
    • Pros Good selection, natural, local, unique

    Excellent Way to See Which Scents You Like

    Excellent, each bottle is enough for a couple of weeks to sample which scents work best. Contains two 'masculine' (solitude, slow fire) and two 'feminine' scents (rain, field). Field - sprays on a little tart, but quickly mellows to a smooth floral. Reminds me of frangipenni, or walking through a rose garden. Still fragrant by the end of the day, definitley the longest-lasting of these. Solitude - strong orangey, bergamot smell first spray, slowly transitions into a peppery orange, with a tinge of vermouth. Stays on the skin most of the day, without being overbearing. Rain - sprays on kind of floral-vodka-ish, but sweetens pretty quickly. Quite mellow, and pleasant, but definitley very subtle. Slow Fire - pretty intense orange liqueur on first spray, which lingers as long as the scent does, though it does reduce in intensity, and pick up some cinnamon along the way. Good for a few hours, but does wane pretty quickly, which is a shame because I really like this one. Might be good for special occasions or nights out, but doesn't really hang around long enough to be a daily cologne. Solitude stands out as a favourite to me, and I'll be ordering a larger bottle, but would not regret purchasing any of these. All very clean, and best of all, they are natural, Australian, and unique.

    Scott H.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    • Cons Delivery was a bit expensive. I will be considering buying the full size bottles in large quantities to mitigate that issue :)
    • Pros Great way to try four unique and pleasing scents, good service

    Happy Customer

    I haven't tried all four yet but the two that I have so far (Field and Solitude) are both gorgeous! Delivery was very fast, arriving in a few days, despite living in NZ and everything that is going on right now.

    Australia Australia
    • Cons Too hard to decide which is my favourite ;)
    • Pros Great way to discover which of the organic/natural colognes you like. None of them have overpowering floral top notes so they definitely don't smell like perfume, these are definitely colognes

    Perfect way to discover these organic colognes

    I bought the discovery set thinking that maybe I would like one or two of them, but after using them for a couple of weeks I am struggling to find a favourite as I love them all. Highly recommended to see what works for you, unfortunately for me I literally love all of them and am struggling to decide which one I will buy in a bigger bottle - not a bad problem to have. I'm not a fan of men's colognes that have floral top notes, and to me these do not, they each are very masculine to me in their own way. Across the four I would describe them as earthy or smokey or woody or peppery but never floral, so I'm a fan of all of them. And no nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances, these are now my favourite four colognes of all time

    Australia Australia
    • Cons The spray bottles are a bit fiddly for a guy
    • Pros Each bottle lasts a long time

    Great Trial Set!

    My husband had a wonderful experience trailing all the men's cologne sets. They were all very unique scents and we had a great time smelling them all. He was able to find his favourite which was Slow Fire!

    Duane H.
    Australia Australia

    Excellent way to start discovery of One Seed colognes

    Awesome! My review on the perfume set contains my overall review of both female and male discovery sets I'd ordered. Over time it would be nice to see more trial scents in the Men's Discovery Set and it's new so I understand currently there are only four. I've listed my colognes in order of preference on the back of the box and know which bottle to buy next.

    Faith F.
    Australia Australia
    • Cons Stains clothing when nearly at the end of spray
    • Pros Chemical free!! Smells beautiful!!


    We love your products and have been using the women’s and men’s for nearly a couple of years now

    A One Seed Customer
    Dale K.
    Australia Australia
    • Cons so hard to decided
    • Pros smells amazing

    new scent search begins

    I decided to get one of the sample packs to help me deicide which scent was best for me, problem is though they each smell very different it is so hard to pick just one I want to buy a big bottle of. I think I have it down to 2 i love most but so hard to make the final decision. Honestly I would be happy to buy all 3 if they were cheaper !

    Alison C.
    • Cons its very expensive to sample the range and the reason I dont buy more.
    • Pros Natural chemicals dont make you ill like cheap boy fragrance does!

    Mens fragrance sample set

    This item has yet to be used. It was bought as the most cost effective way to purchase and experience the newest men cologne as the three we sampled last are ok, but my son would like to try the newer one before making a decision. I am very keen on educating my kids on the dangers of the more commonly available fragrances and the fact that there are no regulations on 'smells' so they are putting themselves and others at risk... aside from the fact that my son drowning himself in 'Lynx' before he leaves the house has a very unpleasant effect on the house long after he is gone. I would like to do this for my daughters and nieces when they express interest in this sort of thing, but its quie expensive to purchase and ship the samples. I LOVE the speed of delivery and the beautiful, personal presentation of the items I have received.

    Virgil B.
    • Cons None
    • Pros Nice smells

    Nice smells

    Really interesting I mixed all together and used them singly and I enjoyed the smell it created.

    Spresa M.
    • Cons None
    • Pros Unique

    Pretty Spectacular

    I got them for myself as I like a masculine bolder scent. Now I can pick the many in larger size I want

    • Cons No cons!
    • Pros Your girlfriend will love it! No allergies, smells so relaxing, smell stays all day

    Your girlfriend will love them!

    I bought these for my boyfriend because I can't stand the smell of synthetic cologne. My boyfriend loves them! They have such a relaxing scent and they don't make me sneeze. I read some of the other reviews that young men don't suit these scents but I totally disagree. My boyfriend is 26 and they suit him perfectly. Slow fire and solitude are definitely our favourites.

    Binh T.
    • Cons Smell not ideal for young guys
    • Pros No sensitivity issues

    Men's Cologne Sample review

    I can see others liking it but as a young man looking for something more fresh and spicy this was not for me.

    A One Seed Customer
    Chris G.
    • Cons Some combinations a bit unsettling
    • Pros Long life on the skin, interesting and innovative

    Try the sample pack

    These are quality fragrances, with a long life on the skin. There are some familiar notes, but mixed in unfamiliar combinations. Slow Fire smells a bit too much like mouldy oranges for my taste, but Rain has some interesting vegetable notes, and Solitude (my fave) is cheerfully warm. Worth the $30 for a sample pack.

    natural organic perfume clean fragrance beauty australia

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