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17 reviews

Devotion eau de parfum



    Style: spiced gourmand floral

    A nod to another era - time immemorial. Powdery, elegant and comforting. Roses, iris and geranium. Nostalgia and softness. Tattered, treasured photographs; a tin of cigars; the crystal vase of roses on the sill. Memories carried close to the heart. Feminine grace, bottled.

    Main notes: vintage rose, amber, cardamom, blood orange

    Other notes: iris, vanilla, black pepper

    If you usually like: : Atelier Iris Rebel, Sonoma Scent Studio Vintage Rose, Le Labo Rose 31

  • NOTHING TO HIDE full list of ingredients: Natural ethanol from sugar cane* (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural fragrance/parfum: (extracts from blood orange, black pepper, cardamom*, geranium, rose, ylang ylang*, cocoa, orris, labdanum^, vanilla*, benzoin, lime*), distilled water (aqua).

    *certified organic ^ wild grown

    100% natural. 84.39% certified organic. (25.18% organic fragrance ingredients)

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    zakin k.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Gorgeous perfume

    This is no brainer to me.People charges soo much money for this type of natural perfumes and this house offer very affordable prices. It starts with devine rose cardamom opening with hint of orange. After vanilla kicks in and made this perfume at another level. I like it soo much that i order two backup bottles

    Amanda M.
    Australia Australia

    Devotion eau de parfum

    Beautiful light scent

    Mary B.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Balanced Combination of my favourite notes. No toxic chemicals
    • Cons The fact it's being discontinued :(

    Stunning, calming, perfection.

    I love this scent, it is so elegant, unique and comforting. I get cocoa and blood orange and then the most beautiful heritage rose subtly supporting the act. Devastated to hear it is being discontinued. I've never lloved a perfume so much & while I have and use other scents - nothing else comes close. Really disappointed I only discovered this so recently.

    Bek D.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Everything
    • Cons NIL


    Every single perfume (and I have almost all of them) is just as divine as the next. Devotion has just made this decision even more difficult. Great problem to have. This perfume makes me happy.

    Bek D.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Everything
    • Cons NIL


    Every single perfume (and I have almost all of them) is just as divine as the next. Devotion has just made this decision even more difficult. Great problem to have. This perfume makes me happy.

    Michelle P.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Long lasting
    • Cons none

    Warmth and Depth

    The only perfume I have received lots of comments about. I love this to wear out at night. It is lifting and makes me feel special. Love it

    Susanne B.
    • Pros Beautiful fragrance
    • Cons None

    Devotion eau de parfum

    I love this One Seed perfume, it is a delightful fragrance and I am happy to put this on my skin. Susanne

    Parcel C.
    • Pros Great al rounder
    • Cons None


    I love the the overall scent of this perfume nice to wear day or night

    • Pros quality, price, ethos of brans
    • Cons None


    Devotion is simply lovely. Perfectly powdery and feminine. It was quite funny, the first time I wore this my partner said I smelt how he imagined the people off the Peaky Blinders (Tv show set in 1920s) would smell. So as the description states this scent really is a nod to another era. I bought the tester pack and narrowed my choices down to this one and symphony. Still very hard to decide as they are both divine.

    A One Seed Customer
    Ayu M.
    • Pros Components of packaging
    • Cons The scent

    It came off as way too acidic for my tastes on my skin, but it is nevertheless a sophisticated fragrance.

    Bettina D.

    A lovely perfume that I feel I can wear everywhere

    Kate A.

    Devotion is a sweet, citrusy floral, to my nose. It reminds me of the little lemon French lozenges I'd eat as a child. While I appreciate the absolute beauty of Devotion, it is a tad too sweet for my tastes. I am no way suggesting it is the tooth grinding sugary sweet of many modern scents found in department stores, but I am acknowledging I am not a fan of gourmand sweet styles of scent. A tad more tangyness would fix this issue for me.

    Luan m.

    I recently purchased Devotion eau de parfum after purchasing a sample set of the perfume selection. It is a wonderful perfume, and much loved by my wife.

    Kylie C.

    I have tried all perfumes and this is by far the best in my opinion. It's not overpowering. Just a beautiful soft smelling but long lasting fragrance. Love it!!

    Rachna S.

    I totally love the calming and balancing effect of 'Devotion'


    I am devoted to Devotion! I walked around the Bowerbirds market last year, and each time I came back to One Seed I tried a different fragrance. They are all delicious, but in the end I bought a bottle of Devotion and adored it to the veey last drop. Chanel - dare I say it? - eat your heart out!

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