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Our ten year journey

Three things we have learned so far.


1. Ride the waves.

Getting in early can be tough. As the first natural perfume company in Australia and one of only a handful worldwide back in 2009, we were almost invisible for some time. A tiny fish in the enormous pond of fragrance - natural perfume wasn't even understood let alone sought after a decade ago. 

We have had to work really hard to make ourselves known to the world, to tell people there is an alternative, and to spread the message about the hidden dangers of synthetic scent, and the benefits of making the switch. 

But we have ridden the waves, and found ourselves here ten years later. We feel very blessed, and also very responsible for empowering people to make better choices for their health and environment.


2. Don't compromise.

If we want to be a company of influence and reputation, there is no compromise. Not on our values, not on our quality, not on our practices. We don't believe in shortcuts to improve our profits, or reducing quality to get a better bottom line. We stick with our values and always keep our purpose at the front of our mind: to produce beautiful natural perfumes with no synthetic interference that do no harm. And one of the driving forces for us is transparency: we are who we say who we are, and we do what we say we do. For us, compromise is not an option.


3. Don't stop improving.

We are always looking for ways to be better at what we do. Finding better ways at communicating with you, better systems for our team, ways to be even more environmentally friendly, improving our products, responding to the things you want to see more of, and being honest with ourselves when we fail. We want to be the best natural perfume company in the world, the most trusted, with beautiful scents that you love and want to share with people. We want your experience of ONE SEED to be beautiful, empowering and transformative, and we will never stop working on that.


We can't wait to see what the next ten years brings.





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