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If it's natural, does than mean I wont have a reaction to your perfumes?

Natural ingredients can be potent and active (which is why natural medicine is so effective) so just like some people react to certain plants, some people may also react to natural perfumes. It’s not very common with our fragrances but it can happen. If you experience any itching or rash after application please stop using the product immediately. We are more than happy to swap your perfume for another in our collection if you have a reaction, so please email us so we can help you find a fragrance that works for you.

In our experience, most reactions (such as headache, migraine, nausea etc) to perfumes are to synthetic ingredients, so if you do react to perfumes, it is a good idea to test a 100% natural perfume and see if you have the same reaction.

We always suggest a patch test before using any new product, whether it is natural or not, especially if you are more sensitive than average.


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