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How does Scent Bar work?

Scent Bar is where you design your very own natural perfume. There are almost 40 natural botanical ingredients to choose from! To get started, just read through our handy guide, write down the notes that appeal to you, and then pop over to our Scent Bar product page and select those notes from the drop down boxes. Give as much detail as you can so that our perfumers can build the perfume you envisioned. Our lab has essences pre-tinctured and ready to blend, so we will blend your chosen notes in a ratio that works to balance the whole formula, and we will tweak it a little if we feel something is missing (with your permission). You will receive your custom perfume within a few days, and you can either start wearing it immediately, or you may prefer to pop it aside for a week or two so it can works its magic while the blend ages, and try it then. Some perfumes age quickly (within a few days) while others take time to beautify (up to 4 weeks).

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