Award-Winning Multipurpose Elixirs

Multitasking is part of all of our lives these days, and we are all trying to do more with less - less time, less money, less of most things. So it stands to reason that the same should go for your skincare. After all, who has the time or the money to spend on dozens of different products?


But does multitasking for skin make sense?


Liz Cook, nutritionist and founder of ONE SEED, says yes, and here's why:

"We live in a world driven by consumerism - every company is vying for your attention and your dollar, and of course the more they can convince you of your need for their products, the more money they make. So behind every product is really an agenda. The problem is that because we are so product-driven now, we have lost sight of the things we really need to survive and thrive, and the way we treat our skin has suffered as a result. Too many products, too much work and ingredients that aren't compatible with our bodies."


Liz Cook says skincare should be simple and take into account the function of the skin and environmental factors, and not a lot else. She says that different skincare for different skin types and ages is a marketing strategy and all skin types will benefit from just a few ingredients and one or two products. 


Her skincare philosophy is simple: cleanse gently once a day (water only in the morning), add moisture with natural oils (no oil-free here), exfoliate once or twice a week, and drink lots of water.


It is this no-nonsense approach that lead Liz to formulate ONE SEED's Multipurpose Elixir, an oil-based serum that is a serious multitasker.


This Multipurpose Elixir can be used as:

  • a face moisturiser after cleansing (a few drops warmed in the hand a pressed into the face)
  • a body oil (best applied after a shower while the skin is damp)
  • a hair treatment (use the left-over residue from your hands after your moisturise your skin to smooth fly-aways and nourish dry locks)
  • and a body oil (1 pump in warm water)


So what is it about this one product that makes it suitable for all those jobs? And what about oily skin types - won't it create more oiliness?Liz Cook says,


"Each individual ingredient in the formation has been specifically chosen for its ability to heal, regenerate and retain moisture without disrupting the skin's natural processes. All skin types will find their skin to be smoother plumper and revitalised, and oily skins will find their skin will be less oily and much more balanced, even less prone to breakouts, after one to two weeks."

Key ingredients in the range of Multipurpose Elixirs include:

Avocado  - hydrating and softening, super nourishing, penetrates deeply

Pomegranate seed - anti-ageing, high in antioxidants, plumps fine lines

Jojoba - balancing and soothing, rapidly absorbed

Hempseed - high in omega 3, 6 and 9, healing, restoring

Sea buckthorn berries - high in carotenoids, essential fatty acids and vitamin C, rapidly absorbed.


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Awarded "Best Natural Organic Face Product" 2018

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