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Solitude eau de parfum

  • Style: peppered balsamic woods 

    (Formerly labelled as 'cologne')

    A celebration of solitude and of all that we gain from some time spent alone. Solitary and yet at ease in the wilderness, like a well-cared for woodland cabin. Strong, sturdy, comforting. Fresh herbs over a smouldering fire. The earth at dusk, a golden pause, peppered with balsam and birch trees. Comfortable in my own skin.

    Main notes: black pepper, dry woods, tarragon, pale vanilla.

    Other notes: ambrette seed, tonka bean, orris

    If you usually like: Givenchy Pi, Chanel Egoiste, Replica Jazz Club

  • NOTHING TO HIDE full list of ingredients: INCI: Natural ethanol from grapes* (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural fragrance blend (parfum) (extracts from Piper Nigrum (black pepper)* fruit oil, maltol natural isolate, Juniperus Virginiana (Cedarwood)* Wood Oil, Hibiscus abelmoschus (ambrette) seed extract, Dipteryx odorata (tonka bean) extract, Vanilla planifolia*, Artemisia dracunculus L. (tarragon) oil, vanillin natural, Iris pallida (orris) root extract), distilled water (aqua).

    Allergen declaration (natural components of essential oils): linalool, limonene, farsenol, coumarin, benzyl alcohol, eugenol.

    Note: our colognes are eau de parfum concentration.

    *certified organic ^wild grown

    100% natural. 91.77% certified organic. (89.37% organic fragrance ingredients)

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Damon .
Australia Australia
  • Pros
  • Cons

I just happened upon One Seed today on a store in Brighton and nearly bought them all. After alot of consideration i settled on 'Solitude' though and i can honestly say it's become my favourite scent. My partner is already annoyed at how much i've been talking about it and i cant wait to buy more and see what else i can get.

One Seed

We love, that Damon! Keep talking! :)

Cindy C.
Australia Australia
  • Pros Everything about it
  • Cons None

This is sooooo good. My man has only recently started wearing cologne regularly, and SOLITUDE is our choice. It reminds me of spirits, spices and dessert! I love it so much I use it too, often blended with my other favourite fragrance. I also love that it’s got no toxic ingredients. Well done ONE SEED.

Alexandra M.
Australia Australia
  • Cons Hope smelled terrible, expensive
  • Pros Solitude smells amazing and should be marketed for women as well
Hope and Solitude

I purchased the Hope and Solitude perfume and cologne samples. I didn’t find the description of Hope matched the smell, it was a completely different sickly sweet/peppery scent.

Liana E.
  • Cons Nothing
  • Pros Everything
My Man smells amazing

My boyfriend has never used cologne before, I bought the sample pack and he chose Solitude. Not going to lie he smells incredible and I may love him even more thanks to this smell!

kerry C.
  • Cons NONE
  • Pros Lovely fragrance that smells great on my man
Solitude - Great Cologne that won't kill your guy

Having found One Seed for my own fragrance - I was really happy to discover their mens colognes. We tried ‘Rain’ first - but honestly it smelled too much like the forest floor for my liking. Solitude was the next one we tried - and we love it. To me it smells slightly vanilla but spicy. Not girlish - still masculine but with a sweet edge. Highly recommend

natural organic perfume clean fragrance beauty australia

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