Men's Cologne Fragrance Sample Discovery Set


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      • Features two colognes and one eau de parfum most often selected by men. A great way to explore the ONE SEED collection and find a fragrance you'll love to wear.

        Kit includes 3 x 2.5ml (0.85 fl oz) bottles:

        • Rain cologne - earthy aquatic floral
        • Solitude cologne - peppered balsamic woods
        • NEW Slow Fire - burnt orange & woods
        For a full sample kit of eau de parfums, please click here.


      • Ingredients: organic grape ethanol (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural fragrance (including organic and natural extracts), purified water (aqua). For full ingredient list please refer to individual full-sized product listing.

      • AU: $9.95, or free for orders over $70. Orders shipped via road not air due to flammable goods restrictions.

        USA/CANADA/UK: Flat rate $25.

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      • 100% natural perfume. Min 80% organic content. Made in Australia.

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  • Pros Your girlfriend will love it! No allergies, smells so relaxing, smell stays all day
  • Cons No cons!

Your girlfriend will love them!

I bought these for my boyfriend because I can't stand the smell of synthetic cologne. My boyfriend loves them! They have such a relaxing scent and they don't make me sneeze. I read some of the other reviews that young men don't suit these scents but I totally disagree. My boyfriend is 26 and they suit him perfectly. Slow fire and solitude are definitely our favourites.

Binh T.
  • Pros No sensitivity issues
  • Cons Smell not ideal for young guys

Men's Cologne Sample review

I can see others liking it but as a young man looking for something more fresh and spicy this was not for me.

Chris G.
  • Pros Long life on the skin, interesting and innovative
  • Cons Some combinations a bit unsettling

Try the sample pack

These are quality fragrances, with a long life on the skin. There are some familiar notes, but mixed in unfamiliar combinations. Slow Fire smells a bit too much like mouldy oranges for my taste, but Rain has some interesting vegetable notes, and Solitude (my fave) is cheerfully warm. Worth the $30 for a sample pack.

Lachlan M.
  • Pros Slow Fire
  • Cons Longevity, Rain, Price


Rain - smelt like some sort of strange soap has to wash it off couldn't stand it. Slow fire- smelt like described smoked woods with orange. sillage was quite weak almost a skin scent. Longevity was ok 6hrs was expecting more for the price. Solitude- probably the nicest smelling of the three, but Longevity was a joke lasted 30 minutes. Overall quite disappointed.

Lachlan P.
  • Pros Good value; good way to explore the men's fragrances on offer; the packaging would make a good gift
  • Cons I didn't like any of the fragrances

A worthwhile purchase, but the results were disappointing.

I really wanted to love these colognes. I really did. From the outset, I want to note that I admire One Seed for its local manufacture of men's fragrances. This is unique in the fragrance market, and the descriptions of each of the fragrances were enticing enough to make me want to try them. So I did. Here's my evaluation: - Solitude: I found this was true to the description of "peppered balsamic woods", and was my favourite of the three. Unfortunately, it aged on my skin rather uncharitably (it became soapier). - Slow Fire: I also found this was true to the description of "smoked aromatic woods", if the aroma you're thinking of is citric (mandarin and blood orange). I'm not a fruity sort of guy, so this wasn't for me. - Rain: I found that it doesn't smell like rain, or "earthy aquatic florals". On me, it was like a particularly sharp, pungent soap, and endured on me more than either of the other fragrances. That said, I'm sure each of these fragrances would perk the interest of some men (and women). The set is definitely worth purchasing if you're interested in Australian organic fragrances, and also makes a good gift with its lovely packaging. Unfortunately, though, none of these fragrances are for me.