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245 reviews

Organic Perfume Discovery Set

  • 7 x 2ml (0.67 fl oz) in a beautiful gift box. Our sample set includes seven perfumes with a generous 2ml sample in each atomiser. Each one has around twenty-five applications. 

    Seeker: green gourmand 

    Freedom: soft green floral

    Hope: violet-infused woods

    Courage: floral oriental

    Bohemia: amber gourmand 

    Symphony: warm exotic floral

    Dreamer: fruity floral

  • Ingredients: organic sugar cane ethanol, 100% natural fragrance (natural and organic plant extracts), purified water. For full ingredient listing, please refer to individual full-sized product.

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Customer Reviews
4.7 Based on 245 Reviews
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    D B.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros For all occasions and bound to be complimented!
    • Cons The darkest one isn’t for me but my friend absolutely loved it. So, none!

    Love it

    They’re all gorgeous perfumes. I bought the set to choose which ones to buy but now I just love choosing a fragrance that suits my mood or environment. I want them all!

    Sandra H.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Good to have a chance to sample all the fragrances
    • Cons Wish the samples were bigger in size

    Great Idea

    The trial pack is a really good idea. I had bought Whisper and Devotion and enjoyed them so much I bought back ups. Then I bought this trail size to see how different the others were. I have finally narrowed down which I'd like to try next,Hope and Freedom is the next two on my wishlist. I think Symphony is similar to Devotion but settles differently on the skin.

    Tanya M.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Exploring new scents
    • Cons None

    A perfect scent experience

    Great idea, ideal to have the opportunity to explore different scents in your home, and combine your own. Beautiful packaging and product.

    Cathryn R.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros So many choices of amazing perfumes
    • Cons None

    One Seed Perfumes

    I bought the selection of One Seed perfumes & I love them all! Pure plant based perfumes are the only way to go. I would never buy commercially based perfumes again. Thankyou to One Seed for your beautiful perfumes.

    Sue C.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros All natural
    • Cons Couldn't think of any

    First time perfume buyer

    I'm always looking for natural body perfumes. Very happy now I can have my favourite scents which won't impact the atmosphere and my body

    Berenice B.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros You get to try each beautiful perfume!
    • Cons None

    Great Gift Idea!

    Bought this for my daughter for her birthday and she was very impressed. Arrived beautifully gift wrapped.

    Australia Australia
    • Pros Beautiful packaging, generous size, good selection choice
    • Cons very fragile as one fell and broke

    Great sample set!

    Absolutely loved testing out the whole range of sample perfumes. One Seed is so unique with their scents! There is plenty of perfume in each 2ml sample to last for a long time. Found my favourite, which was Seeker, and one for my mum as well. Beautifully packaged and great value. Definitely recommend!

    Kathryn B.
    Australia Australia

    Thankyou One Seed!

    I love my discovery set, I love that it's organic, I have found that my enjoyment has increased with each use,I also love that it's a healthy treat for my body, Cheers Kathryn

    Belinda H.
    Australia Australia

    Incredible range of perfumes

    I really enjoyed trying the seven different perfumes over a week. Although I have a One Seed perfume that I love, I discovered some beautiful new scents, including one that my daughter now loves. I know what I will buy next to mix it up and what I will give to my daughter for her birthday. These perfumes don't last as long on the skin, but knowing they are not toxic is worth the second application if needed. This is a beautifully presented set of perfumes that would make a lovely gift.

    Samantha T.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Smell
    • Cons Nothing

    Incredibly Helpful

    I am so glad I purchased this set before I got a full size bottle! I had read all of the info about each scent and what they were meant to smell like and thought I'd found the perfect one. However, after smelling each sample, it was totally opposite to what I loved! Now I cant decide between 3, so I’ll grab them all! Highly worth purchasing this, plus they are great for travel.

    Belinda B.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Everything
    • Cons Nothing


    Loving them all! I have had purchased before in a little shop in Tathra NSW 2 years ago and was please to purchase the discovery set to try them all! Thank you

    Liz B.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Really nice fragrance options for man as well.
    • Cons No cons found yet :)

    Great Vegan and CF Fragances

    Excellent variety of scents, each scent is quite distinct and evolves to different notes during the wearing time. Although the fragrance descriptions are very helpful, the best way to choose one of them is to try the set, so we can slowly, try each scent and make sure which one smells fab on our skin. I'm still deciding... My thoughts... Bohemia, very rich and sophisticated dark mysterious chocolate notes, very unique. Courage, I find it's sexy and uplifting, easy to wear. A popular and social character. Symphony, that's Domina's perfume, The image of a deep and luscious red rose. It's loud and velvet, floral-spicy and sweet. It changes greatly after 10 mins on my skin. Stays on for many hours, the strongest scent of the set, a little of it goes a long way. All of those three are on the strongest side of perfumery, what has always been my first option. The best feature of these fragrances is that they are Vegan and Cruelty Free. Essential for me, it's not negotiable!

    Joshua M.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Beautiful smell, memorable and unique, incredible packaging and of course the ethical mindset
    • Cons Haven't found one yet.

    Brilliant product, both male/female buyers here - LOVE it!

    I purchased 4 different ethical perfume sample kits for my wife for christmas. Each company offering a discount on a selected bottle from the sample kit. We were blown away by two of the four - One Seed, and Rosie/Jane from California. Being Australian, we wanted to support an AUS company, but crazily enough, my wife is from a couple of suburbs over from where OneSeed comes from. Also, we've found their scents and aromas quite UNIQUE. It's the one thing we kept coming back to; that these were seemingly against the grain perfumes that smell so memorable and amazing. I'm wearing Bohemia right now (I'm a male) and have gotten quite a few compliments. Great product. Will purchase more, and again!

    Janet S.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Great way to explore the range.
    • Cons None.

    A wonderful introduction

    The discovery set is a great way to explore these perfumes. I’ve tried a different scent each day, read about its and consciously returned to it throughout the day. It is going to be very hard singling out a favourite. The fragrances also linger much longer than commercial perfume and evolve depending on the temperature of my body.

    Helen S.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Fragrance lasts a long time
    • Cons No cons

    Discovery Set

    Have purchased this before and love every fragrance. Great for the handbag.

    Rosie B.
    Australia Australia
    • Pros Vegan, Cruelty Free, Natural Ingredients
    • Cons I can't think of any.

    I'm Loving the Discovery Set!

    I was so pleased to discover One Seed as I was looking for a cruelty free option for perfumes. I love the Discovery Set as it allows me to sample so many different scents before ordering the bigger sizes. I'm still "discovering" all the wonderful scents but I suspect I will have difficulty choosing just one favourite.

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