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Conscious living is active, deliberate and intentional. Conscious consuming is the same. It requires us to think about the things we buy and why we buy them, to consider the things we use, and those we discard.
  • 6 min read
Have we become desensitised to cancer because of its prevalence (recent stats show almost 1 in 2 of us will have cancer before we hit 85 years of age), or is more a case of apathy because cancer has been casually linked to almost every conceivable thing in the modern world? 
The beauty industry might be a women's world but with an increased awareness in the toxic chemicals in many of your favourite skincare and fragrance brands, men are not immune. Find out why men need to go low tox too.
Did you know that legally your perfume can profess to contain 'notes' of ingredients that aren't actually in it? And further, did you know that a bunch of the botanicals listed on your favourite synthetic perfume don't actually have an extractable scent? 
Think musk is a natural scent? Think again! Musk, a common ingredient in many perfumes, is a synthetic chemical modelled on the scent of it's original source of deer testicle, beaver anal sections and sperm whale vomit. Yay.
Vanilla is a feature note in many perfumes, but is your favourite vanilla fragrance natural or synthetic? And is it worth the price tag? 
Made the switch from synthetic fragrance to natural perfume but finding the scent doesn't last a long? Check out our top tips to get the most out of your natural perfume and improve it's staying power.
Ambrette seed is one of the most expensive natural extracts available to the perfumer. We use it in many of our natural perfumes. Find out what is so special about ambrette seed.
  • 2 min read
By choosing to buy natural, cruelty-free perfumes you are not only contributing to a more friendly and loving planet, but a healthier one too. Find out what true cruelty-free beauty means and how you can become a more conscious consumer.
  • 3 min read
By choosing to buy natural, vegan perfumes you are not only contributing to a more friendly planet, but a healthier one too. What does it mean when a perfume is labelled vegan, and what should you look out for?
Curious about making the switch to natural perfume but still not sure what the difference is between natural and synthetic scents? This post breaks it down for you one shocking truth at a time.
The term organic is a little ambiguous these days, but what is certain is that organic perfumes are simply a better choice for your health & for the environment. Learn why natural is better and what are the potential health consequences of synthetic perfume.

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