Whilst synthetic fragrances can smell amazing, it’s what you don’t know that might be causing you harm.


Learn more about thedifference between natural & synthetic scent here, and why choosing natural could make a huge difference to your health and your world.

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Ever wanted to peer behind the curtain and see what goes on onside a perfume lab? Here’s your chance!

We’re giving you exclusive access into our processes and practices so you can understand how your favourite ONE SEED perfumes are made, and exactly what goes into each and every bottle.

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I am so super excited to share with you our brand new look as we usher in a new era for ONE SEED, and for natural perfumery.
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We talk to Liz Cook, One Seed founder, entrepreneur and mother about how her upbringing shaped her thinking about gender stereotypes, and why she hates the hashtag #girlboss.
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