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Presence over presents - Conscious Commitments we can all make this Christmas

This year, we’re swapping unnecessarystuff for commitments - to ourselves and the planet - and making the magic of Christmas  mindful again. 

We're pledging to prioritise presence over presents by spending more time with loved ones. And when it comes to gifting, we're committing to asking people what they really need, supporting local businesses, and investing in natural, ethically sourced presents where possible. It's more important than ever to be conscious of what we're buying - and what we're putting on our wish list too.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey. You can start by choosing one commitment today from the list below and sharing this post with a friend or family member.


One Seed x


  1. Ask loved ones what they need over want.

Does your colleague really need another novelty mug? What about that plush toy your nephew’s been asking after? Identify what those around you willactually use - the kind of gifts they’ll treasure for time to come - not forget about by Boxing Day.

  1. Give the gift of time. 

In an age of overflowing inboxes and endless to-do lists, your undivided attention isdefinitely the most valuable gift you can give. Maybe put together some old-school coupons for experiences in place of material items. Think, brekkie in bed for your Mum, or a long, lazy lunch with friends. 

  1. Make a thrift gift commitment with your partner.

Thrift stores are the ultimate places to score perfectly good unique presents and have some fun treasure-hunting, too!. Our tip? Set a limit on how much you and your partner want to spend on each other and suss out what gems you can find second-hand. 

  1. Pick up the tab for a stranger. 

Fact: nothing will put a smile on your dial like doing something nice for others. Next time you do the grocery run, ask if you can contribute to the bill for the person next in line, or buy the coffee for the person behind you in the cafe que. Often the smallest gestures make the biggest difference to someone else’s day.

  1. Donate to make a difference. 

Consider how much you currently spend on coffee per week… Wouldn’t you get a bigger buzz giving a week’s worth of coffee money to those less fortunate? Not-for-profits like The Red Cross and The Smith Family offer tax-deductible donations which go towards assisting vulnerable people in our local community. 

  1. Support local businesses doing it tough.

COVID has been rough on everyone, but especially for those in the food industry. Help your local cafe or restaurant out of the COVID slump by buying gift cards for friends, family or colleagues.

  1. Cook for someone who could use a little extra love.

Why not make a meal or two for someone that needs an extra little love or support? It could be your friend with a newborn, your grandma, or even a neighbour you haven't met yet. Just don’t forget to check on food allergies first (or opt for a gluten, dairy and nut-free recipe, just to be sure!)


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