Paper Flowers, A Story

July 11, 2017 0 Comments

Paper Flowers, A Story

When we began fleshing out the ideas for our new branding aesthetic earlier this year, it was apparent that what we were trying to achieve was to convey a sense of delicateness, of ‘naturalness’ and of the ultimate beauty of nature in our perfumes. So when the idea of using paper flowers in our upcoming photo shoot was proposed, we were immediately hooked.

Over one hundred hours of meticulous cutting and folding (and paper cuts!) later and our design team had created the perfect paper flowers to reflect our brand, and we have loved the results.


It was during the subsequent photo shoot with respected Melbourne-based photographer Peter Tarasiuk that inspiration struck.

Liz Cook, our perfumer, was enamoured with the gentle movement of the paper flowers as they hung from overhead, waiting their turn in front of the camera.

The stunning images being captured by Peter as the flowers gently twisted and turned and cast their own unique shadows created the perfect foundation for fragrance inspiration, and by the end of the shoot that day, Liz had the idea for ‘Paper Flowers’, a scent that captured the imagined transition from three dimensional flower made of paper into the world of real, tangible, life-containing blooms.


Paper Flowers is an imaginary journey where a once two-dimensional piece of coloured paper is folded into an illusion of a flower, but as the real flower stem is inserted, a spark of life enters, and the paper flower, like Pinocchio in the classic tale, is stuck in the in-between world between fiction and reality.


Paper Flowers is a fragrance that conveys a sense of other-worldy ethereal beauty, being so delicate it is almost fiction, whilst also capturing the earthly sense of real soil beneath bare feet.


Paper Flowers is available only as a limited edition gift with purchase (for orders of $85 or more) until July 28th, or unless it disappears sooner…..