Have Perfume. Will travel.

July 16, 2018

Have Perfume. Will travel.

In celebration of all things exotic, we are so thrilled to have three beautiful and well-travelled guests on our Instagram this month: Jessica Wright from Bontravler, Brooke Saward from World of Wonderlust and Mim from The Common Wanderer. 

Image by Brooke at World of Wanderlust 

Reading their beautiful blogs and looking at those stunning photographs can sometimes give the rest of us a serious case of wanderlust (and envy!). 

If you're not so lucky to be able to whisk yourself off to an exotic destination as soon as you'd like, you can still draw inspiration from these beautiful travellers, and visit faraway lands in your lunch hour. And here's where scent comes in and takes your two-dimensional journey into a 2.5-dimensional one: scent has the power to transport you in an instant to places you'd love to be, and those already etched firmly in your memory.

So take a trip with us now to these distant shores, travelling via the magic of fragrance...



"If there was one country that knows how to have a bit of everything, it is surely Thailand. The country of smiles, is one of the friendliest places I’ve been. Surreal beaches, lush jungles, and incredible cuisine."(Jessica Wright, BonTraveler) 


Image via Jessica Wright, BonTraveler

Fragrance to take you there: Seeker

With it a waft of creamy coconut and white rice and the fresh greenness of coriander, Seeker is an easy-to-wear island getaway. A dry-down of pale vanilla, skin musks and sea salt will have you reminiscing for years to come.

seeker natural organic perfume one seed



"As far as cities go, Istanbul is hands down one of the most intriguing, inspiring, endlessly chaotic and yet somehow charming cities I have ever visited (and I’m sure I will ever visit). This city is so full of fascination at every turn, that it can quite easily become overwhelming, whether visiting for a couple of days or a couple of weeks."(Brooke Saward, World of Wanderlust)


 (Image by Brooke Saward, World of Wanderlust

Fragrance to take you there: Devotion

Experience the colour and culinary delight of exotic Istanbul with Devotion. Featuring notes of Turkish delight tones of rose petals and vanilla combined with the flavour of the spice markets in spiced black pepper and cardamom. A powdery iris butter and tobacco dry-down will instil a sense of calm amongst the bustle.




"Amongst the silent hush of fellow travellers, the sun dipped behind a distant mountain range and created a majestic silhouette of the 2000+ temples.There, right in the heart of Bagan, Myanmar, was the most beautiful sunset we’d ever seen. Moments like this are what travel is all about."

(Mim, The Common Wanderer)

Image by Mim at The Common Wanderer


Fragrance to take you there: Symphony

Symphony transports you to an extraordinary and complex ancient land; cool mountain air, lush deep forests, native trailing jasmine and sweet spices offered up to the gods bring the mystery of Myanmar a step closer. 

symphony natural organic jasmine perfume one seed



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