Annual Perfumer's Palette Sell-Off

June 27, 2016 2 Comments

Annual Perfumer's Palette Sell-Off

Welcome to our 2nd annual Perfumer’s Palette Sell-Off!

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Each year we accumulate dozens of bottles of natural perfume extracts we won’t use before they expire, and excess batches of extracts we use a lot of. It seems such a wasteful shame to let them die, don’t you think? They’d be much better off in your body oil, bath soak or perfume experiments.

So now is your opportunity to own a little piece of a real perfumery palette. We are offering the following extracts for sale (all at cost or below) - some of them are extremely rare:

(All of these are 100% natural extracts, perfumery grade and all very much usable).

Amber C02

Amber oil fossilized

Aniseed essential oil

Basil essential oil

Basil C02

Benzoin resinoid in alcohol

Bitter almond essential oil

Blue tansy essential oil

Calendula CO2

Carrot seed essential oil

Cedarwood Himalayan

Choya Nakh (roasted seashells)

Citronella essential oil

Clove bud, organic essential oil

Coffee cole pressed extract

Coriander, organic essential oil

Frangipani absolute

Geranium organic essential oil

geranium sur fleur rose petals

Golden Boronia absolute

Green tea absolute in alcohol

Hay absolute

Hops Co2 select

Jasmine absolute Egypt

Jasmine articulatum absolute

Jasmine grandiflorum CO2

Lemon myrtle essential oil

Lemon myrtle organic

Lemongrass organic essential oil

Melissa (lemon balm) organic essential oil

Orange blossom organic extract

Palmarosa essential oil

Pear-type compound natural isolate

Peppermint essential oil

Pink pepper C02

Pine scotch essential oil

Rhododendron leaf essential oil

Rose de mai absolute

Rosemary flower essential oil

Sandalwood WA C02

St John's Wort C02

Thyme CT linalool organic

Tree moss absolute

Vetiver double distilled

Vetiver essential oil

White champa leaf


Amazing list, right?! 

If you see something you like, better hurry up - many of these are only single bottles!

And don't forget shipping within Australia is free for orders over $40!

Happy shopping!






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George Kara
George Kara

October 03, 2016

Do you have stock from this sale still to clear please?


July 01, 2016

Hi Liz,
Can you use the extracts as purfumes on there own?


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