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A Look At Australian Perfume

July 27, 2016 0 Comments

A Look At Australian Perfume

It's probably not something you've stopped to think about, but where is your perfume made? Some of us consider the ingredients used in our perfumes, some of us consider whether our perfumes are cruelty-free, and some of us just want to smell amazing! But rarely do we think about where our perfume is actually manufactured. 

As Aussies, we've been encouraged to buy Australian for years now, and most of us try to do that at every opportunity, but are there any perfumes actually made in Australia?

Where are perfumes made?

Historically, France has had a reputation for beautiful perfumery, and many French perfumeries still exist. Today, around 30% of the world's perfumes are still manufactured in France (Grasse, mainly), with companies like Chanel, Christian Dior and Annick Goutal still producing here. You may be forgiven for assuming that all of the beautiful fragrances come from France, but there is an emergence of amazing perfume companies from all over the world, including Italy, Germany and the USA.

But where is Australia on this list? Truth is there are still very few Australian perfumeries.

Australian perfume

Australian perfume brands

If you type "Australian Perfume" into a search engine, what you get is a list of Australian perfume retailers who sell well-known brands, not a list of perfumes actually manufactured in Australia. Explore a little further and you'll discover there are some outstanding indie perfume brands coming out of Australia, most of whom are also natural, organic or cruelty-free.

Thanks to blogs like AustralianPerfumeJunkies, magazines, and boutique retailers who are looking for products that are unique and beautiful, these indie brands are gradually getting more attention and developing a reputation for creating original and beautiful fragrances.

So why buy Australian perfume?

You'll be supporting your local economy and investing in an art form that is unique and still a hidden gem in Australia. It's fine to continue to buy your favourite French perfume, but even better if you add Australian fragrances to your collection!

Australian-made perfumes

We've compiled a list of Australian perfume companies - those that make beautiful perfumes and are actually manufactured in Australia:

1. ONE SEED(yes, that's us, but we think we're pretty good!) - established in 2009. Handmade in Adelaide, South Australia. 100% natural, minimum 80% organic, vegan and cruelty-free. Perfume: Liz Cook. Available online or via selected stockists

2. Aromantik - handmade in Manly, New South Wales. 100% natural. Perfumer: Sally Woodward-Hawes. Available online.

3. IME Natural Perfumes - handmade in Sydney, New South Wales. 100% natural. Perfumer: Tonia Walker. Available online or via selected stockists.

4. Erlithe - made in Newcastle, New South Wales. Botanical and cruelty-free. Perfumer: Kerry Che.

5. Vetiver & Co - handmade in Melbourne, Victoria. 

5. Perfume by Nature - handmade in Bathurst, New South Wales. Handmade and natural. Perfumer: Ambrosia Jones

6. The Little Alchemist - handmade in New South Wales. Not strictly a perfume company, but this lovely natural skincare company includes a range of delightful natural perfumes in its collection. 100% natural. Perfumer: Natalie Van Epen

Have I missed anyone? Do you have a favourite Australian perfume company that I should have included? Let me know.