A Foolproof Guide to Buying Mum a Fragrance She'll Love (almost as much as you do!)

March 31, 2018

A Foolproof Guide to Buying Mum a Fragrance She'll Love (almost as much as you do!)


If you've ever tried to choose the fragrance to give someone as a special gift, you'll recall how agonising it can be. First there's the hundreds (literally, hundreds) of scents to narrow down from, followed by the obligatory "spray and see" test, followed by wrinkling of the nose, a little "hmmmmmm...", and then adding to the 'maybe' or 'no' pile. And at the end of all that, it is more than likely you'll come out more confused that when you started!


one seed roll on perfume oil



So, in the interests of making the process easier and (almost) foolproof, ONE SEED founder and perfumer, Liz Cook, takes us through a simple strategy for selecting the perfect ONE SEED perfume to suit you mama, or any girl in your life for that matter!


1. Take a hint from her existing collection

Literally open her cabinet or look through the perfume collection on her dresser, and see what she already wears. Does your mum love fruity florals, go for spicier oriental fragrances, or prefer light and fresh scents? Then you can either choose something aligned to her current fragrance style, or give her something completely different to help her create a fragrance wardrobe. 


one seed dreamer organic perfume

2. Choose a best-seller

If it's all too hard, take a short-cut by going straight to the best-sellers list, and select something already popular with perfume-lovers. It's hard to go wrong with a best-seller!


 one seed organic perfume samples australia

3. Can't decide? Take a travel pack and sample the whole collection

If choosing from several scents is way too hard, then go for the whole kit. Our organic perfume sample kits are the perfect size for her handbag, and each one is generously sized at 2.5ml (around 30 sprays per vial). So she'll have plenty of time to experience each scent, and pick the ones she adores!

And why not include a gift voucher too so when she picks her favourite, you've already got her covered.


one seed gift seed organic perfume


4. Pop into one of our stockists

Sometimes being there are trying for yourself gives you a better feel for what's on offer, and connects you with the brand. Plus you'll get the expertise of our amazing retailers to help you decide. 

Tip: instead of getting hung up on descriptions, close your eyes and test each scent, and see which one feels most like your mum. After all, it's the personal aspects of fragrance that make it such a special gift.





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