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Smells Like Sunshine! (Joy in January Project)

January 17, 2012 0 Comments

There’s no denying that each season has its own distinct smell. In winter, the defining aromas may be of smoke from wood fires, hot cocoa, cold air and, in my neighbourhood, jonquils. In summer, the scents are more lively – maybe the smell of salt air from the beach, citrus trees, iced tea and frangipani trees in full bloom.

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Since this is technically a perfumery blog (of sorts), I’d like to brighten your winter spirits with a little aromatherapy talk.

Whether or not you are a believer or cynical regarding the powers of aromatherapy, everyone would agree that our sense of smell has a powerful effect on our minds and emotions. It has been suggested  that “some benefits that have been linked to aromatherapy, such as relaxation and clarity of mind, may arise from the placebo effect rather than from any actual physiological effect” (, but even if that is the case, does it really matter? Science or no science, we know that some smells just make us feel better.

There have been many clinical trials in which aromatherapy treatment has had a positive effect on patients’ mood, anxiety levels, and even immune system. As part of a treatment regime for depression (including SAD), the benefits of aromatherpy cannot be underestimated. This may include using essential oils in a burner, bath or massage, but don’t forget about the mood-enhancing benefits of your favourite natural perfume!

One Seed Freedom eau de parfum

One of my blog followers commented yesterday that he prefers to wear his favourite summer scents in winter, and what a brilliant idea! Who says you need to get all dark and moody and amberish just because it’s cold outside? Is there any better way to defy the cold weather than in a sillage of citrus and summer blooms?

So put down your wooly blanket, throw open your cupboard and fish out those lively summer scents! The ones with notes of frangipani or pink grapefruit, or cotton candy or salty sea air. Sure, you can embrace the winter. But if that just doesn’t work for you, then defy it!

(Anyone else feel the need to stand up and shout and applaud right now???)


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