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December 07, 2012

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Norma Osborne of Australia Hope Internationalyesterday. She is in the process of creating a beautiful cafe as part of their fundraising. So committed are they to the cause that every single cent of profit from the cafe (& every other project they’re involved in) goes straight back to Uganda & The Congo.

Norma Osborne

They don’t draw a wage. They don’t have paid staff (everyone on the team is a volunteer). And they rely on donations and support from the general public, churches & fundraising activities to help them with their mission of “Helping Others Possess Empowerment”.

Such is their dedication & vision that they manage to maintain an admin budget of just 3% (meaning that if you donate $100, $97 of it will go directly to the people who need it most).

One Seed was created not as a means to buying myself a bigger house or expensive shoes, or sending my kids to a posh school, but with the bigger vision of doing something that draws attention to the needs of those around us.

My hope is that you will love my fragrances and catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that is woven throughout the brand: that life is beautiful, that every single person is uniquely special and worth our time, that life is about more than being sexy or rich or perfect, and that there are needs out there greater than yours or mine.

Today we launch our first annual “Hope for Hope Day” in which all profits from sales in our Hope range will go directly to Australia Hope International (one of the two amazing causes we support). If you’d like to get involved and do something doubly amazing this Christmas, simply make a purchase of a Hope perfume or Organic Double Cream today, or make a donation directly to Australia Hope International.

Thanks so much for joining with me in this amazing opportunity.



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